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A question about GCSE AQA English Literature poetry section?

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When the wind blew, little waves travelled across it and slapped the paved edges, like a miniature sea. We would go there. AQA A-Level English Literature B: Aspects of Tragedy: John Keats' Poetry 0 Comments.

John Keats. La Belle Dame Sans Merci Lamia Isabella; or the Pot of Basil The Eve of St. Agnes. Context. Keats wrote poetry during the Romantic period; (Death of a Salesman and John Keats' Poetry) and not necessarily compare the two but to see whether or not.

Past paper questions AQA English Literature (Spec B) Past Paper Questions. Section A.

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Macbeth – Shakespeare. 1) At the end of the play, Malcolm describes Macbeth as a “butcher”. Do you think that Macbeth is merely portrayed as a butcher? Mar 09,  · The English Literature Poetry Exam. Posted on March 9, The examination for Unit 2 of the AQA English Literature: ‘Poetry Across Time’, lasts one hour and fifteen minutes and is divided into two sections.

Now, considering that you have to compare two poems analytically in Section A and write a response about a poem you. May 02,  · Has anyone got any tips for the poetry section of GCSE AQA English Literature? I'm going to be taking this paper in 2 weeks time, and I wonder if anyone has any tips on how to answer the poetry questions (I'm doing Armitage, Duffy and pre).Status: Resolved.

English Language paper 2- AQA. STUDY. PLAY. You should spend 15 mins reading the 2 sources, and 45 minutes on each section Section A= reading Section B= writing 5 questions in total- 4 in section A and 1 in section B 1 source will be from the 19th century AQA English Literature- Power and Conflict poetry (unfinished) 15 terms.

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Aqa english literature section a
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