English in advertising

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Advertising agencies In-house agencies of large companies (pharmaceutical, advertising firms, automobiles, beauty, etc.) In-house agencies of small or local businesses (local restaurants, boutiques, advertising firms, etc.).

This is a listing for one (1)Antique English Advertising Pot – Poulton & Noel – Home-Made Potted Meats – Belgravian Brand. English Preparations Pate’s. Business English Conversation Lessons: Advertising In this conversation lesson, students learn vocabulary about advertising and discuss the topic in small groups.

Teach the vocabulary and then have students do the conversation questions in groups. English, advertising techniques. STUDY. PLAY.

Charisma. Appearing bold strong and firm.


This is particularly true in political and advocacy messages. Euphemism. Euphemism tries to pacify audiences in order to make an unpleasant reality more pleasant. Bland or abstract terms are used instead of clearer, more graphic words.

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ANALYSIS OF PUNS IN ENGLISH ADVERTISING LANGUAGE Homophonic Pun The homophonic pun refers to a word having the same or similar sound with another one.

English in advertising
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