Silent dancing by judith ortiz cofer

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Judith Ortiz Cofer

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Silent Dancing Summary

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Judith Ortiz Cofer

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Silent dancing : a partial remembrance of a Puerto Rican childhood

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Judith Ortiz Cofer: Understanding a Writer Judith Ortíz Cofer was born in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico in She was raised on the island and in Paterson, New Jersey, before her family finally settled in Augusta, Georgia. SILENT DANCING combines poetry and prose to form an innovative and deeply personal narrative that explores Judith Ortiz Cofer s memories of her childhood spent between Puerto Rico and New Jersey.

Winner of the PEN/Martha Albrand Special Citation for Nonfiction. A Summary of ‘Silent Dancing’ by Judith Ortiz Cofer An influential writer that contributed to the Latina literature that came out of the s and 90s is Judith Ortiz Cofer.

Ortiz Cofer was born in Puerto Rico in Judith Ortiz Cofer is an award-winning author. Her newest book is set for publication by the UGA Press in In the Cruel Country: Notes for an Elegy. Biography. Judith Ortiz Cofer (February 24, – December 30, ) was a Puerto Rican American author.

Her critically acclaimed and award-winning work spans a range of literary genres including poetry, short stories, autobiography, essays, and. SILENT DANCING combines poetry and prose to form an innovative and deeply personal narrative that explores Judith Ortiz Cofer's memories of her childhood spent between Puerto Rico and New Jersey.

Silent Dancing

Winner of the .

Silent dancing by judith ortiz cofer
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