Unesco topic a skilled migration

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Season of Migration to the North

J. K. MAPULANGA-HULSTON living in other, mainly developed, countries, the most commonly identified causes of migration are disparity in the levels of income, rise in unemployment, and lack of adequate social welfare.

Even though migration and development is a popular topic of discussion these days, ‘The migration of skilled migrants has a number of positive aspects. Migrants have the opportunity of acquiring or According to the UNESCO science report2.

migration is defined as ‘irregular’, rather than ‘orderly’ or ‘regular’ migration, which refers to migration “in keeping with the laws and regulations governing exit of the country of origin and travel, transit and entry into the destination or host country” (IOM ).

According to new UN global migration statistics, inmillion international migrants – 3 per cent of the world’s population – are living abroad worldwide.

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This makes international migration a key feature of globalization and a central issue on the international agenda. UNESCO places emphasis on the human face of migration. It addresses the implications of the movement of people within its fields of competence, firmly embedding its interventions in a human rights framework.

Researching international student migration in Asia: (UNESCO) indicate that the total enrolment of international students at the tertiary level was only million inand the figure reached million in researched topic that deserves to be more deeply and widely explored.


Unesco topic a skilled migration
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Jamaica has high rate of migration among tertiary grads