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Abutting Santa Monica’s south side on the Pacific Coast Highway is Venice Beach—simply Venice to locals.

The community was born indeveloped by eccentric millionaire Abbot Kinney, who modeled the town after his favorite Italian city, complete with piazzas and canals. This is a live, streaming HD webcam from Venice Beach, California, just south of Santa Monica.

Venice Beach is an eclectic, funky, and definitely unique place where sidewalk vendors line the boardwalk selling their wares, many of the items homemade; and street performers entertain the passing crowds by performing their unusual talents. Venice Boardwalk: It's really more of a sidewalk than a "board" walk, but a walk down it is the best way to explore the waterfront scene.

You'll pass street performers, skaters, artists, gawkers, and vendors selling all kinds of items from incense to sarongs. If art is life, then life is the art of capturing experience. Venice calls to the artist in all of us, inviting individuals to shed the normal and reach for the new, raw and eclectic.

Venice Beach is located in Venice. This walkable area is known for its beautiful beaches and surfing.

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Choose from one of 86 hotels and other accommodations within a mile of Venice Beach so you have a home base for exploring the greater Venice area. Located steps from the beach in Venice Beach, CA, near Santa Monica, Hotel Erwin is a wonderfully weird & beautiful place to stay.

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